Tuesday, July 1, 2014


The other night we took a pack walk. Everything was going okay, but around a mile and a half I started to get super tired. Strange cuz I've competed in 5ks and I've ran 4 miles. I tried to lay down in a strangers yard. The rents were worried. I don't normally do that. They had to put me in the wagon for a while and give me all the water in the water bottle. They were so worried about me that they called our friends that live close by to see if I could drink out of there doggie bowls. Once I knew that friend were gonna see me I sucked it up! I wouldn't ride in the wagon and I most definitely would not be carried. When we got there I only had four drinks of water becuase I'm tough! Sometimes ya just don't feel like going very far. 


  1. Nothing like a good ride
    Lily & Edward

  2. It's hot lately, and that pavement can burn after a long hot day! A dog just doesn't feel like walking as far in those conditions.

  3. Gussie does that when we go out to the fairgrounds to play, mom says its to hot for us smooshy faces to even be out running around, hopes you get to feel better real soon.
    Stella Rose

  4. OMD the heat and humity sucks. I think you should have stayed in the wagon and made Roar get out where you could have layed down, she is walking now.

    Aroo to you,

  5. I feel ya Doc! I've been a little slow on my walkies lately too. It's gettin' used to this heat I thinks. Plus, I've just come of this Prednisone, and it zapped the energy outta me for some reason. Anyhu, I hopes you're feelin' betters and you gots your zip back! I do loves that wagon, butts like you, I don't really like ridin'
    Ruby ♥