Monday, March 31, 2014

Wordsday Wednesday

This weeks word is occasionally. Occasionally is an adverb.  One of the ways we know it's an adverb is because it ends with an ly. Occasionally means now and then or here and there. 

Occasionally, I let Roar show me affection. 

Last Thursday

I got to see Sully!! We had a blasty blast. I think the best part was mom wanted to go for a run and even though she was yelling No No No! I knew she ment Go Go Go!! It was all fun and games until Gaudy caught us. 
Howlla back if you dig pack walks!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

5k time!!

I have been training to run 5ks.  I'm pretty good and Mom is okay.  I'm not going to lie I pretty much run the workouts. Punny? Anyways we got fifth in our age division. Plus, mom keeps bragging about how well behaved I was. There was a boxer who couldn't pass us because he kept wanting to talk to me.  His peep had to hand him off half way through. But yours truly went right over the finish line without any problems. 

I got a ribbon!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wordsday Wednesday!!

We remembered! Or am I hallucinating? Hallucination is the word today! Hallucinate means to perceive what is not there and it's a verb. However, hallucination is a noun.  

Am I hallucinating or is Dad grumpy?

hallucinate (v.) Look up hallucinate at
c.1600, "deceive," from Latin alucinatus.