Saturday, August 10, 2013

Cat Naps? Dog Naps?

There is nothing wrong with taking a little dog nap, except when Mom declares it to be called a cat nap. Gross. Anyways, she has been interested in my sleeping habits and taking pictures.

Since we got new couches I have found a new spot. I have asked Mom if she would move my doggie den to this prime location. Normally, I choose places were everyone can see me, kiss me, and pet me. This spot just--works.
AT THE HEAD OF THE BED!!! This is where I belong. Dad does not like it when I sleep here. As a matter of fact he insist that I sleep by his smelly hobbit feel! EWWW! Don't worry furiends, I always scoot and wedge my between my rents. What Dad doesn't know is when he's away during football season I will be sleeping on his pillow. At the moment Mom only lets me sleep here when Roar is not our bed.


  1. Looks like all is good for now, be sure to keep your Eye on Sully's blog tomorrow, our post will be coming out then. Maybe we could introduce you also, if you like, just send me a email to and then I can get yours for information.

    The Mad Scots

  2. Your robot thingie is still popping up, you need to uncheck it, just visible after comment is all you need, OK


  3. I like to sleep with my mom in bed. I sleep at the end of the bed because my mom likes to pet me and I am like my sleep.

    1. It sounds like you have good mom who understands a dogs life. Thanks for stoping by!