Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pardon The Interuption

      Normally we do Wordless Wednesday, but today Gaudy came home!!! I love to go to Gaudy's not only cuz I love her, but because I get to play with my pup pal/Uncle--SULLY!
      After romping around the yard and house, we all sat down and read Sully's introduction to blogville. I feel like I'm a celebrity even though I wasn't mentioned. After all, I'm the Super Hero and he's my Sidekick, he is the pea and I'm the pod, get the picture!
      We sure had a pawesome time! We got to ride to Sonic! It was really weird, Mom and Gaudy forced us to sit in the BACK with Roar!
But don't worry we made it to the front!

And then we were forced back to the back

We made it to Sonic and the lady in the car behind us was talking to me.

Sully told a joke! He makes me laugh.

Cheesing it up wait for our burgers. Sully really didn't want to be in the back.

I like to talk to the carhops.

On our potty break we went dingo hunting!

Water break with Uncle Sully and Uncle Grunt.
We had so much fun today!


  1. Oh Doc, sure glad you got your bestest buddy to go with you to Sonic, did you get any I Scream. OMD you gots hey bales to look for mice, My favorite thing to chase!

    The Mad Scots

  2. Pees; thanks for getting rid of the robot thinkie, Mom and Dad both had a hard time reading that.


  3. You guys had a very active day on the go. Keep up the good hunt.

    1. I think started following you a while back but I can't see your profile. What's wrong?

    2. I do not have a blog. You might be thinking of Dougall, he is a wheaton scottie.

  4. I did had a great day hang out with you. Super hero.....BOL.

    Aroo to you,

  5. Hi Doc, Susie and Bites sent us over. You sound like our kinda guy--anypup who destuffs stuffies and protects territory. Welcome to Blogville.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy